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Q: I have dealt with Restless Leg Syndrome for many years, and find it virtually impossible to get any useful information about cause or relief. It is very uncomfortable, and a daily challenge. If you have any information about it, of any kind, I will be very grateful to receive it. Could there be any possible […]

Q: What can I do about neuropathy? I have this in my feet because I had chemo almost 12 years ago and it is getting worse. Dr. Fred: Another great question. For readers who are unfamiliar with the term, neuropathy is a type of chronic pain that results from peripheral nerve damage. Chemotherapy and diabetes […]

Q: I’m a single 55 year old woman with multiple problems. However, one problem is very bothersome. My ability to smile and sing is now limited because my lips are very, very dry and I cannot seem to heal them in any way. Now, after months of trying to get it under control, I’ve developed […]

Q: “I take some of your NuLogic products and am happy with them so far. But my question is: Does one size fit all? In other words, is the dosage the same for a 120 lb woman as a 260 lb man? Would there be a better result (albeit much more expensive) if I (the […]

Q: “I am 76 years old and have had prostate cancer surgery (radiation  seed implant). I have all symptoms of low T. Can I use some kind of testosterone supplement such as Androgel to see if it would help my low energy and stamina and overall wellbeing?” Dr. Fred: While testosterone replacement won’t cause prostate […]

Q: “My husband and I are considering your New Hamptons Health Miracle. If I understand  correctly, much of the program is based on using macadamia oil. My husband  is very allergic to macadamia nuts so could not use it. Would the program work as well using some sort of substitute? If so, what do you […]

Q: “I have been suffering with dry eyes for the past few years. They’re getting progressively worse. I am wondering if Pycnogenol would be helpful for this condition. Yes, I have to look at computer screens all day long, but have lowered the contrast and try to remember to blink often. I would appreciate any […]

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Q. “What can I do about the dark circles under my eyes?” Dr. Fred:   Let me break the bad news to you first: In my experience, the only surefire way to deal with those dark circles around your eyes is blepharoplasty…otherwise known as an “eye lift.” That’s because, often times, those stubborn dark circles […]

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