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Mainstream medicine has spent dozens of years—not to mention billions of dollars—researching Alzheimer’s disease. Yet they’re no closer to solving this devastating, deadly epidemic than they were decades ago. They’re so hung up on plaques and tangles that they’ve utterly ignored the most obvious symptom of Alzheimer’s. One that shows up 10 years before the disease really […]

I know a lot of you are concerned about brain health — and with Alzheimer’s disease in particular. And it’s no wonder. Once every 66 seconds, another person in the United States develops the disease. And that rate is expected to double within the next 30 years or so. It’s a terrifying statistic. But the […]

As if regular tea and coffee drinkers needed more reason to rejoice, I’ve got one more recent discovery to add to the ever-growing list. And it’s every bit as impressive as the one I shared yesterday, too. This study featured data from nearly 6,500 postmenopausal women participating in the Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study, funded […]

I don’t often write about acupuncture. But it’s not because I don’t believe in it. In fact, have several acupuncturists who work in my office — and I’ve been known to have treatments myself on occasion. So while I don’t personally perform the service, I can absolutely vouch for its value. That’s why, when I […]

If you’ve been reading Logical Health Alternatives for a while, you might have noticed that resveratrol didn’t get a spot on my annual Desert Island supplement list this year. Not because it isn’t a critically important supplement. (It definitely still is.) But because research on its benefits has slowed down considerably over the last several […]

Not a day goes by that a patient doesn’t ask me how they can keep their brain sharp and active. If my clinical experience is any indication, this might be the single biggest priority among aging Americans. And you know what? It should be. As technology continues to advance, doctors have gotten really good at […]

I know I talk about exercise a lot, but that’s because it plays such a crucial role in your health.  Let’s not forget that just a few short millennia ago (which, in genetic terms, is the blink of an eye) we were not the sedentary creatures that we are today. Of course, I say this […]

I’ve written several Reality Health Checks recently that offer strategies on how to combat age-related memory problems such as Alzheimer’s. This is critical information you need to know about. Because as you may already know, Alzheimer’s is an insidious disease that can start ravaging the brain as early as age 20. And as the US population […]

I have patients coming to me on a daily basis asking for the best ways to ward off one of the most troubling — yet most common — symptoms of aging: memory loss. And as you’ve read here in the Reality Health Check, there are many ways to do that. But today I want to […]

It’s not every day a breakthrough comes along that gets me excited, but this one is an exception. I am always looking for new ways to help my patients, and I hope this new test for detecting Alzheimer’s will prove to be an efficient and effective tool. As of today, there is no single test […]

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