Your aging brain could feel YOUNG again,
thanks to the “mental miracle” shown to quickly boost your working memory

Dear Friend,

I just got off a nine-hour flight from Switzerland and no amount of jet-lag or exhaustion is going to keep me from sharing this life-changing news with you immediately

I’ve just uncovered evidence that it’s finally possible to improve your memory… and experience fresh, focused thinking…

...in as little as ONE HOUR.

I’m not talking about a small blip of clarity, either…

Studies show that in just one short hour…this breakthrough can boost your working memory, making it easier to recall important details on command.

In fact, I just witnessed this in action.

Turns out, there’s a farm in the German province of Bavaria, about 375 miles north of where I landed in Switzerland, that has a very unusual – and very powerful – plant growing in its garden…

If you saw it, you might think it was mint…or maybe just a regular old weed. Take a look:


The truth is, this plant is actually a newly discovered “neuro-booster” – and thanks to the results of three clinical trials…

…we now know that it can help your brain:

  • Recall events and conversations exactly the way they happened…
  • Stay focused and alert, even if you’re under intense pressure to perform…
  • Plus it makes your thought patterns more efficient…as information flows effortlessly between neurons.

And it can do all of that – starting in just one hour.

So it’s never been easier to keep track of the
exact names, appointments, and details
you need to remember!

Can you imagine? In the time it takes to watch your daily dose of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, you could already FEEL more alert and focused…with more mental energy than you’ve had in years.

There’s just one problem.

The exact location of this farm
(and the specific variety of this plant)
is being guarded like a state secret…

In fact, this specialized botanical is even protected by intellectual property laws…and the farmers who know about it are the ONLY growers on Earth who are cultivating this “mental miracle.”

So to find out exactly what my sources knew, I traveled to a private research summit in Geneva…and met with the brilliant experts behind this discovery face to face.

Without their help – and the dedication of one of America’s most innovative doctors, whom I’ll introduce to you in just a moment – I wouldn’t be able to share all of the astonishing details you’re about to see here today…

My European sources confirm this rare neuro-boosting botanical has been tested and verified by some of the world’s leading experts, to help:

Turn up your mental focus…
and improve your memory recall…
in as little as ONE HOUR

The results show that with this breakthrough, you could be able to express yourself more clearly, with the right words at the right time…

You could be able to recount to your wife the hilarious one-liners your grandson had at the park last Tuesday…

And you could have no trouble remembering the list of instructions your doctor gave you at your checkup earlier this month.

My name is Karen Reddel, and I’ve had the privilege of working with one of Manhattan’s leading physicians, who’s already brought countless natural breakthroughs like this to the U.S. – Dr. Fred Pescatore.

He’s introduced many of these discoveries on the Today show, Good Morning America, and the FOX News network, as well as through his 6 best-selling books.

But today, he’s revealing all the details about what this plant can do right here.

Dr. Fred is tired of seeing the same stale “memory advice” being doled out to patients over 55:

“Try ginkgo.”

“Start a new hobby.”

And of course… “Do crossword puzzles.”

Everybody talks about crossword puzzles.

But is that really the best we can do – after all this time?

Of course, the answer is NO…as Dr. Fred is proving right now to his patients.

In fact, he’s the first physician in the U.S. to use this Bavarian plant in his clinic, to help…

Combat one of the most vicious
“side effects” of an aging brain:
A blurry memory

And what he’s done with this plant will singlehandedly change the way we think about brainpower and aging...

In just a moment, I’ll show you exactly how it works – and how you can take advantage of it.

First, I want you to think about the
most precious memories you have…

Those defining moments of your life when you truly felt “It just doesn’t get any better than this…”

Like the first time your dad handed you the keys to his old Chevy and you cruised down Main Street with your best friend in the passenger seat…

Or that electric moment on your wedding day, when the veil was lifted from your bride-to-be’s face and your eyes met… You’d never seen her look more beautiful.

Now remember the overwhelming pride you felt when you held your newborn baby in your arms for the very first time…and felt his tiny little fingers grip your thumb.

These memories are a part of who you are – they’re sacred.

So what would happen if suddenly…
your treasured moments were
just fading away?

As though they were dimmed by the passage of time – just like the dusty photo albums that are sitting in your basement right now?

It’s a scary thought…

But once you see what this Bavarian plant can do – and how Dr. Fred is using it – you won’t have to be afraid of this “mental dimming” anymore.

Scientists have named this extraordinary plant Bluenesse®. It’s a special variety of Melissa officinalis.

If you’re a gardener, you might call it “lemon balm.” But there are thousands of lemon balm varieties…so let there be no confusion about this one:

Everything I’m about to show you today is only possible with the Bluenesse variety, cultivated exclusively by that specialized network of German farmers.

Top neuro-scientists have discovered that no other strain of this plant can do what Bluenesse can do…for your:

  1. Focus
  2. Memory
  3. Word recall,
  4. Brainpower, and
  5. Overall cognitive strength

…exactly what you need to stay independent and in control.

It took researchers more than a year to identify and target this unique variety.

So let me show you how it’s been scientifically documented to work…

It all starts with the very first thing you need, before you can give anytask your best effort:

1. Unshakable focus…

The kind of alert vigilance you might expect from an Olympic sprinter who’s poised at the starting line before the most important race of his life.

Or the same steady concentration you had when you were studying for school exams…or teaching your eldest how to drive—not crash—the family car.

It’s easy to overlook this…but you know as well as I do that the side effects of having “weak focus” are all-too-real.

Dr. Fred has seen this with so many of his patients… They roam through their day distracted…frazzled…struggling to “get things done.”

They don’t realize this lack of focus is a natural symptom of an aging brain – something scientists call “Cognitive Aging.”

Maybe it’s happened to you… and you wonder why it’s so hard now to hang on to your mental energy when you really need it.

The good news is, Bluenesse can make it much easier.

Within one short hour, you’ll be back to thinking…

I can do anything
if I just set my mind to it.”

Let me show you…

Take a look at this chart, just published in the journal Nutrients.


Researchers mixed Bluenesse into a sweetened yogurt and gave it to a group of 21-to-30 year olds.

Now you might expect a group like that to have incredible focus, no matter what…but the chart tells a shockingly different story.

That white bar on the left is what happened to people who didn’t take Bluenesse – they just got a placebo.

You can see their concentration plummeted

Like taking a mental free-fall.

It makes you wonder, “Is THIS what MY focus looks like in the morning?”

Now look at the blue column on the right.

This is what Dr. Fred calls the “Bluenesse Boost.”

After just 60 minutes with Bluenesse,
you can feel more alert, vibrant, and focused.

And the results keep getting better, even after 3 FULL HOURS.

There are no “coffee jitters,” either…

Because people in the study described feeling “calm,” “steady,” “self-confident,” and “comfortable.”

(That sure beats distracted, frazzled, and fatigued, wouldn’t you agree?)

So once you’re focused, Bluenesse revs up your brain with a…

2. High-performance memory

Easily recall the exact names, dates, places, details, and passcodes you need…

Right when you need them.

This is one BIG reason why Bluenesse is so groundbreaking…and why Dr. Fred recommends it if you want to stay as sharp as your trusty Swiss Army knife…

Brand-new in vitro research shows us that Bluenesse can activate a very tiny, very powerful type of brain cell called M1 receptors.

It has a unique way of “switching on” your M1s, to help give you…

The best brain performance possible

It works because your M1s are in charge of something called “oscillation” – that is, making sure information flows freely between brain cells…

And, like switching on a light bulb, it can make the world seem clearer and in-focus.

Your entire network of brain cells lights up with new information.

Thoughts, ideas, and details can fly through your brain’s wiring quickly and easily…

So you can remember your ATM PIN-number faster than an electric current can buzz through a power line.

In fact, this rapid-fire oscillation is the only way you can:

  1. Store and retrieve memories…
  2. Learn new tasks, from programming the cable box, to becoming fluent in Italian…
  3. And, keep yourself laser-focused on one thing at a time.

And this will sound strange, but…this extract could also help you stay on your feet!

Dr. Fred explained to me that healthy oscillation is the reason you can walk through the house without falling over every piece of furniture along the way.

It’s how your brain figures out how much space you have to maneuver around.

So if you’ve been feeling a little clumsy lately…you’ve got to wonder if it could all be related to a slow-down in oscillation!

Who would have thought one
green Bavarian plant
could make a difference
in so many areas of your life?

And there’s still so much more…

Turns out Bluenesse was carefully studied for another priceless “brain benefit”…

And passed with flying colors:

3. Fast and accurate “word recall.

Word recall makes it easy to express yourself clearly and confidently, because you’ll always have the right word at the right time.

Instead of asking your husband to pick up “the whatchamacallits”… you can tell him exactly which kind of coffee beans you want from the store.

Word recall comes from the part of your brain that handles Long-Term Memory. So just imagine what this could do for your everyday routine…

Imagine how easy life will be when you can pick up the phone and dial a number you’ve called a hundred times before – your daughter’s house – without fumbling through your address book to look it up.

And imagine being able to confidently tackle any question you’re asked – by your kids, grandkids, friends, and even your doctor – because the answer you need is right there at the top of your mind.

But…I’ve been saving the best for last.

If you’re even the tiniest bit worried that you might not be quick-as-lightning with numbers and calculations anymore…you need to see this.

Neuro-researchers at Australia’s Swinburne University discovered that Bluenesse can give you…

4. A rapid-fire BOOST in
“Working Memory”

And again, this effect is measurable after just ONE hour.

If you’ve never heard of Working Memory before, think of it like your brain’s “computer power.”

It’s the type of memory you use to keep track of NEW facts, figures, and important details about the world around you – no matter how small…

You use it when you’re figuring out the tip for your waitress…or keeping track of the count at a baseball game…or remembering which ingredients you’ve already added to the pan when you’re cooking.

And a dramatic boost in working memory could certainly make it easier to remember where you parked your car at the mall.

No one knows this better than the world’s chief expert on natural neuro-boosters – Dr. Andrew Scholey – who personally led much of the incredible research you’re seeing here today.

In a groundbreaking study last year with his neurology team at Swinburne University, Dr. Scholey tested this extract in an unusual way.

First he mixed Bluenesse with a bit of fruit sweetener and asked 25 people, ages 18 to 39, to drink it.

After just one hour, the people who drank it saw a 13.5% improvement in their memory scores!

Can you imagine being able to feel your memory improve that quickly?

But that’s not the only test Dr. Scholey did. Remember that yogurt study from earlier? Well, it had a couple interesting twists to it…

My favorite was a demanding “mental stress test,” to see whether Bluenesse had any effect on the brain’s ability to do math under pressure.

To get through this test, your brain is forced to juggle four things at once…with the added stress of being watched, graded, and timed!

Just take a look at this thing – figuring out where to start is challenging enough!


But for the group who got Bluenesse before the test, it was no sweat…

  • For starters, their mood was calm, cool, and collected, in spite of the pressure…
  • They were noticeably more alert a full HOUR after taking the extract…
  • And what’s more, they sailed through the math test! Their performance was 38% better on average than those who did this without Bluenesse –after THREE hours!

So go ahead.

Forget the calculator.
Throw away your golf scorecard.
Who needs it, with that kind of boost?

After Dr. Fred sent me this dramatic report, I booked the next flight to Switzerland to get more details from the experts who discovered Bluenesse.

Fate was on my side that day…because I also managed to reserve a supply of their next harvest exclusively for Dr. Fred’s patients and readers.

But remember…the scientific evidence you’ve just seen reveals what Bluenesse can do alone...

So imagine what would happen if you combined it with another superstar…one that’s known to keep your brain strong and agile over time.

Because that’s exactly what Dr. Fred did.

He spent an entire year investigating Bluenesse and the best way to bring it to his patients here in the States, but that’s not all.

When he saw what Bluenesse can do – by activating the brain to work more efficiently – he realized that it was a perfect complement to a nutrient he’s been recommending for years.

A secret ingredient that can take
this breakthrough to the next level…

It’s a neuro-booster known as alpha-GPC.

Alpha-GPC is a form of choline – one of the most well-studied brain nutrients of all time.

From the very moment you’re born, your body uses it to make something called acetylcholine – that’s your brain’s own natural, magic ingredient for quick, clear thinking.

In fact, the FDA believes choline is so vitally important for the brain that they made it a required ingredient in infant formula. It’s illegal to leave it out.

For adults, Dr. Fred recommends it because it can help keep the wiring in your brain:

  • Strong
  • Connected, and
  • Firing on ALL cylinders

But how?

For starters, the brain uses α-GPC to build cell membranes, which keeps your mental network strong and healthy.

Then, it increases the number of M1 receptors – the very brain cells Bluenesse likes to switch “on” for better learning and mental recall.

Best of all, studies show…

α-GPC promotes a healthy memory
and strong, steady focus

On its own, α-GPC is typically studied at a dose of 1200 mg for more advanced age-related cognitive decline, sometimes split into three daily doses.

But since Dr. Fred uses it as a perfect complement to Bluenesse, he recommends 300 mg just once a day – so it’s easy.

And after a year of working on this innovative, neuro-enhancing formula…Dr. Fred is finally going public with it.

This breakthrough is known as BrainLogic.

With BrainLogic, you’ll get the “Bluenesse Boost,” for results you can feel right away, in just one hour…and you’ll get that ongoing support you need to keep your brain quick, clear, and accurate…

Day after day…and year after year.

So just when you thought you were destined for a life of…

“What’s that thingamajig called?”
“Have you seen what’s-her-name…?”
And: “When did you say it was?”

…you can trade in those “memory misfires” for a life of:

  • Feeling alert and unshakably focused – instead of dusty, distracted, and mentally exhausted
  • Better word recall – so you don’t have to be embarrassed about stumbling over your words…
  • Faster, more efficient thinking – so you can continue to “dazzle the room” with your trademark wit at social events…and stay confident when you’re weighing important decisions…
  • “Working memory” that’s fresh and accurate – to help you easily learn, use, and remember new information…so you can plan and carry out your to-do list without effort…

And finally, it also helps you…

  • Keep the wiring in your brain strong, connected, and healthy…so you truly know what it’s like to “fire on all cylinders”

BrainLogic is your lifeline for keeping your mind sharp, your memory bright, and your brain “young.”

So if you’re ready to stop worrying
just how thick the “brain fog”
is going to get year after year…

If you’re not satisfied with just wishing and hoping that your mind will stay razor-sharp…

If you’re ready to go beyond the basics of brain health…and do something for your brain that’s more reliable than crossword puzzles

If you’d like to experience the same revelation in brainpower that Dr. Fred is sharing with his patients…

Then it’s time to try BrainLogic and see for yourself why he’s calling it a “mental miracle.”

Just take it once a day,
and you’re done!
It’s so easy…

After just 1 hour, you can feel BrainLogic working…as your mind becomes clear, focused, and alert…

After just 1 week, you’ll fully appreciate how good it feels to get that mental spark back quickly and easily…

You might even notice yourself drinking less coffee, instead of pouring a new cup every time you want to “dust off your thinking cap”…

After just 1 month…
your old memories could feel new again

You’ll get used to always having the right word on the tip of your tongue…the right computer password at your fingertips…and all the right names, dates, and details at the ready.

And because BrainLogic goes to work immediately…with results you can FEEL in as little as one hour…you can use it whenever you need to be at the “top of your game.”

To get started, take BrainLogic right when you wake up.

Think of it as a way to “activate” your brain, to get ready for anything the day has to throw at you.

Even if you’re the kind of person who can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other without a fresh shower and a cup of coffee…you can be bright and alert by the time you’re ready to step out the door.

And if you need extra focus in the afternoon – for an important meeting, or a big project you’re working on – it’s OK to take it again. This “double-strength” dose of Bluenesse has also been shown to have powerful effects on alertness, while warding off fatigue and stress.

The difference will be clear within one hour
and get better over time

But there is one more thing you should know…

Unfortunately, you can’t go down to your local grocery store and pick up any old bottle of lemon balm.

The research shows us it just won’t have the same incredible power to make you feel like you’re the smartest person in the room.

The lemon balm extract in BrainLogic is the only onethat’s been tested, verified and guaranteed to have the right components you need to make your aging brain feel young again…

It’s the only one being hailed as
the Bavarian “mental miracle”…
and the only one Dr. Fred trusts

The researchers who discovered Bluenesse – and who are carefully cultivating it in these protected locations across Germany – also conduct scientific quality testing on every single batch.

On top of that, every batch of the final BrainLogic formula is tested for:

  • Potency
  • Consistency, and
  • Purity

…by an FDA-inspected facility that follows strict, quality-driven manufacturing standards known as cGMPs.

That’s the best way to make sure
you’re getting exactly what you pay for

Maybe you’ve tried a brain health supplement before…and were sorely disappointed with the results.

Maybe you took it every day like clockwork, but were still left wondering, “Is this even working?”

Unfortunately, if you have to ask…it probably isn’t.

So maybe you’ve been wishing there was something more you could do than just cross your fingers and fill out a few crossword puzzles.

The good news is, BrainLogic doesn’t put you through that guessing game. The ingredients have been scientifically tested and shown to deliver…

Results you can feel
within one short hour

And now it’s your turn to try it for yourself.

But, you won’t find BrainLogic in any store…anywhere in the world.

Before today, there was only ONE way to experience the same brain-boosting powerhouse that Dr. Fred prescribes to his patients: By booking yourself an appointment at his clinic in midtown Manhattan.

But travel is not always easy or affordable…so if it’s not possible for you, you still have options.

If you take advantage of this special invitation today, you can get the very same clinical-grade formula shipped right to your door. It couldn’t be easier.

And with the amount of science, research,
protected farming, and advanced testing that
goes into each and every bottle of BrainLogic…

You might think it would cost one or maybe even two hundred dollars a month.

And at that rate, it would be a bargain, considering what a difference it can make for your memory and focus in just ONE hour.

But the good news is, today you can get Dr. Fred’s formula right here for less than $100.

This incredible brain-booster – with all the power of Bluenesse and α-GPC –regularly sells for $89.95.


If you act quickly, you won’t have to pay the full retail price.

Because this is the very first time BrainLogic is being released outside of Dr. Fred’s clinic, you have a chance to try it at a substantial savings.

You see, Dr. Fred recommends getting started with a 3-month supply. That way, over the course of 90 days, you’ll be giving yourself a chance to feel the long-term benefits as well as the fast-acting “Bluenesse Boost.”

Plus, it gives you some flexibility if you find that it works best for you to add in that second dose in the afternoon.

So when you add 3 bottles to your cart right now, you’ll get an instant $10 discount applied to your order.

But there’s one more secret you should know about this discount…

You’ll save even more if you select the 6-month supply – and that’s good news because you could experience better results in the long term.

Even though you’ll feel the “Bluenesse Boost” working within 1 hour, you can’t experience total memory health in that amount of time.

It’s just not physically possible – after all, your brain didn’t age overnight. So you can’t “de-age” it overnight, either.

So when you select 6 bottles today…your savings more than DOUBLE.

First of all, you’ll get FREE shipping…

PLUS, you’ll get an instant $20 savings automatically applied to your order.

And it just makes sense to take advantage of these savings, because Dr. Fred’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee takes the worry out of it. (More on that in a moment.)

So click the link below to place your order now.

With this discount, BrainLogic can be yours for less than $2.89 a day… Less than what you’re spending on a single gallon of milk. And milk certainly can’t do what BrainLogic can do!

Aren’t all your sacred memories
worth that?

Isn’t it worth it to help preserve your quick-thinking brain…protect yourself from the frustration and embarrassment of Cognitive Aging…and stay as sharp, clear, and witty as you are right now?

To be the one your grandkids come to when they need help with their homework?

To be the one who never forgets a birthday…a milestone…or an important appointment?

To always be ready with the names, words, and details you need…at just the right time?

To stop having to click the “Forgot Password” button online…or look up the phone numbers that you use every day?

You’ll know it’s working–
because you can feel it!

And you’ll be ready to do, well, just about anything you set your mind to.

Dr. Fred and I know BrainLogic has the power to change your life…just like it’s changing the lives of his patients right now…and we want you to feel confident when you order today.

And that’s why we’ve made sure you can try BrainLogic without worry.

Because you’re fully protected by Dr. Fred’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…

That’s right:

BrainLogic is guaranteed to work for you,
or you’ll get your money back…
any time you ask for it

This guarantee never expires…and there’s no hidden “fine print.”

So you can stock up now without worry and take advantage of the deepest discount while supplies last.

If you give BrainLogic a try and you’re not impressed with how “tuned in” and mentally ready you feel…

If you don’t feel more focused and alert than you have in years…

If you don’t feel like your memory is “young” again…

And if you don’t agree that this is the best memory-enhancing, brain-boosting supplement you’ve ever tried…all you have to do is send back the unused portion—or even the empty bottle!

We’ll refund every penny of the product price – right away, and without any questions or hassles.

It’s time to experience this breakthrough for yourself…with the clinically studied ingredients in BrainLogic, personally selected for you by Dr. Fred Pescatore.

Just click the link below to
place your order now and we’ll ship
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If we sell out of BrainLogic, I’ll be forced to take this presentation down while we work on bringing more of it into the U.S.

So please, don’t wait on this.

I’d hate to hear later that you missed out on this incredible opportunity to feel more focused, alert, and “with it,” starting in just ONE HOUR after your first dose of BrainLogic.

Just click the link below and get started now. I can’t wait to hear how Dr. Fred’s formula has helped you.

For Dr. Fred and all of us here at NuLogic Nutritionals, I’m Karen Reddel. Thank you for reading.

Still here?

I’ll bet you have one more question…

It’s probably the same question I had even after I’d seen all of the impressive study results for myself…and after I’d traveled to Switzerland to meet with some of the best and brightest minds in natural medicine…

Why is it so important to grow Bluenesse somewhat secretly in Bavaria?!

When I pressed my connections for details…I discovered something pretty impressive.

Turns out, the neuro-researchers who uncovered this rare lemon balm…and worked tirelessly to test, verify, and document its effects…have a good reason for being selective about who they share the details with…

They want to shield you from impostors by keeping
their supply under tight control.

They’re so serious about it that they test every…single…batch of Bluenesse to make sure it’s active, and that it meets their exact specifications, from the size of the leaves to the unique composition of the essential phytonutrients.

They use an innovative scientific method of testing known as “bioassay guided technology.”

The team’s Managing Director, Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner, explains that this testing is “introducing a new dimension of quality control.” It’s a way to confirm that all the brain-boosting components are actually there…and that you’re getting exactly what you pay for…

The potent, powerful active
phytonutrients in Bluenesse that
can improve your working memory
in as little as ONE hour.

Plus, with a little prodding, I discovered that the makers of Bluenesse created a backup system to protect their hard work.

They formed a carefully vetted private network of farmers to grow Bluenesse in ideal locations all across Germany…and they even started a second backup farm in another European country.

(I was able to get some insider intel on this during my trip – it’s in Poland.)

Bottom line: Your supply of Bluenesse is safe and secure…and still protected by a bit of secrecy.

So don’t miss out on your chance to experience the “memory miracle” you get in every dose of BrainLogic. Click the link below to get your supply now.

And remember, your order comes with peace of mind, because you’re fully protected by Dr. Fred’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

BrainLogic is guaranteed to work for you—or you’ll get your money back.

So why not go ahead and select the 3- or 6-month supply right now and take advantage of the extra savings. You’ll save $10 instantly when you order 3 bottles…and $20 when you order 6.

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