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One simple, delicious way to make weight loss a breeze

Scoop of chocolate whey isolate protein tossed into plastic white shaker, with focus on the protein in the scoop and falling protein blurredThere’s a reason I recommend whey protein to dieters.

It’s because whey really works. Whether it’s in place of a meal or after a workout, a well-timed shake can help to ward off cravings and keep your hunger satisfied for hours. And I recently came across a new study that shows exactly how it works this magic.

Researchers fed a group of obese, non-diabetic subjects one of four high-fat meals. All of them featured soup and bread. But they all came with a different type of protein: whey, casein (another milk protein), gluten (wheat protein), or cod.

The researchers found that subjects who ate the whey meal experienced a slower rate of stomach emptying than the other groups. The whey meal also elevated levels of a number of critical amino acids, all jointly responsible for releasing key appetite and blood sugar balancing hormones, including insulin.

Whey also appeared to lower subjects’ post-meal cholesterol levels—which points to greater insulin sensitivity. Insulin is responsible for suppressing rises in cholesterol after you eat.

So when I tell you to keep whey in your weight loss arsenal, I mean it.

Look for a whey product that’s low in sugar. The label shouldn’t list more than 8 grams total of carbohydrates and added sugars per serving.

And don’t ruin the benefits of your whey shake by adding unnecessary extras (even fruit). Throw in a tablespoon of macadamia nut oil for extra hunger control, instead. Simply mix it up with plain water. (Or blend it with ice for a whey “milkshake.”) And enjoy!

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