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Primary Care

We are able to provide the services of your conventional “GP” or just be your nutritional medicine specialist. We believe in a holistic approach which includes taking care of the medical/nutritional needs of the entire family. In my estimation, approximately 30% of our patients are children under the age of 18. This arose primarily out of necessity because my patients expressed desire to take care of their children or grandchildren and their entire family. I consider it a great honor that in our practice, we very often are the physicians for the entire extended family and friends.

Among other specialties, we have vast experience in properly diagnosing thyroid disease including Wilson’s syndrome and believe strongly in the work of Broda Barnes in the correct assessment of thyroid dysfunction. We also treat polycystic ovary disease, hormonal imbalances and other forms of endocrine diseases with a holistic approach to the treatment of the individual. For all your primary care needs, Medicine 369 is ready to help.
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