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A few weeks ago, I had house guests and one of them asked if I had any sort of pain reliever on hand. I went scouring in all of the medicine cabinets and couldn’t find any. They thought it was strange, but since I never use over-the-counter pain medications, I just don’t keep them in […]

Mainstream medicine has spent dozens of years—not to mention billions of dollars—researching Alzheimer’s disease. Yet they’re no closer to solving this devastating, deadly epidemic than they were decades ago. They’re so hung up on plaques and tangles that they’ve utterly ignored the most obvious symptom of Alzheimer’s. One that shows up 10 years before the disease really […]

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with the never ending tide of serious issues linked to the obesity epidemic… Along comes a new study that shows weight gain significantly increases risk of liver cancer. Not too long ago, liver cancer wasn’t even seen as that big of a deal in the U.S. […]

You’ve had a healthy and filling breakfast, a satisfying lunch, and yet…3 o’clock rolls around and all you can think of is the donuts in the breakroom. After a dinner that you know has met all of your caloric and nutritional needs, you still can’t stop eyeing the freezer and thinking about the ice cream […]

Even if you haven’t felt it in your wallet yet, you’ve certainly noticed it dominating the news: Prescription drug costs are going in one direction only: up. This is a chronic issue facing our healthcare system. And it appears to be getting worse. If you’ve wondered what’s behind skyrocketing drug prices, you’re not alone. There […]

I’ve talked a lot this week about the health risks of sugary drinks. I take a hardline stance on sugar-sweetened beverages. If you ask me, they’re as risky as cigarettes. And just as with smoking, there’s no safe amount. Unfortunately, a lot of people think they can still get their soda fix by opting for […]

It seems that every other country in the world is willing to take steps to improve its public health other than the United States. What’s more, they’re doing it without spending billions of dollars — and in fact making some money along the way. Even a country that someone wants to build a wall around. […]

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across the following headline: “AHA Says Cap Added Sugars for Kids at 6 Teaspoons a Day.” Six teaspoons! As if 6 teaspoons of sugar per day weren’t already too much to begin with (let alone ADDED sugar). But before I go on a rant about how sugar […]

I’ve written quite a bit recently about the health effects of coffee, but it’s been a while since I’ve extolled the virtues of tea. But it looks like maybe it’s time I did. According to a new study just published in the American Journal of Medicine, tea may be key in heart disease prevention. The […]

Earlier this week I told you about a new study that showed sunscreen doesn’t seem to do much to prevent melanoma, except for those at the highest risk. Well now I’ve come across a study that shows a simple — and free — tactic that does have an effect. All it takes is an extra […]

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