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Yes, this is the title of a Madonna album and also the original reality television series – oh wait – that was An American Family.  But, what struck me this week is that the American way of life is so threatened.  Not only by politics, the lack of jobs, the ability to own a home […]

Is it shocking to hear that Paula Deen has diabetes? It was officially announced on Friday but the National Enquirer reported it last April so if you ever doubt their stories again, you ought to think twice.  It comes as no surprise that the queen of carbohydrates stuffed with sugar, glazed with sugar and then […]

Back to Life…Back to Reality Reality TV that is!  Mob Wives is back and I couldn’t be happier. There have been only two episodes so far and already someone has almost died and there was a bang down knock out cat fight.  Yum!!!! But, that’s not really my point.  I hope everyone had a wonderful […]

As I sit down to write this holiday inspirational, I can’t get the thoughts of the creepiest, most eerie season finale of Dexter out of my mind.  It was Dex-tacular.  And the reason it was so good, and probably the reason I watch television is because TV works on so many different levels – emotional, […]

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us.  At least for those of us in the northeast, we have had unseasonably mild weather and for the first time this weekend, it actually felt like December. I have been in the Hamptons for the past few days and if you’ve never been here at this […]

That is the holiday I just enjoyed.  This tradition started several years ago because in all fairness, it is next to impossible to work all week, shop for food and have it ready by Thursday.  So, a few years ago, I decided it would be best to just have Thanksgiving dinner on Friday and hence […]

This is what happened to me yesterday at Costco.  I was minding my own business taking pictures for this blog in the bakery section when all of a sudden – BOOM – I was almost thrown to the floor.  Really???? In your glazed over sugar induced coma, did you not see me standing there? Was […]

Is it just me or is the new television season really good?  I am having a hard time keeping up and my DVR is constantly going.  Now that we’ve gotten to November sweeps, the new shows that have made it for me are: Revenge, Ringer, The Secret Circle, Mad Fashion, Pan Am (okay, I was […]

I can finally say that there is absolutely nothing on my DVR, with one small caveat – while I am writing this – I won’t be able to say that later but for now, I feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement for having tackles that Herculean task.  It has been an action packed start […]

Patients and readers alike always ask me how I manage to stay so young and to keep so trim and lean. My usual answer is that I follow my own advice. Well, that is true; but sometimes, my advice is seemingly mysterious because others can’t seem to get the same results I do. I think they are […]

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